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Economics, Marketing & Relations Division is involved in the planning, supervision, conducting and monitoring activities for market promotional programmes in the domestic and international markets, market information and market regulation of the pepper industry in Malaysia.
Improve marketing and market regulation for a vibrant pepper industry in Malaysia.
  • Economics, Marketing, Statistics & Market Information
  • Domestic and international market promotion
  • International Relations
  • Market regulations
  • Collect, manage, analyze and process data and information on the pepper industry for dissemination to ministry/agency/industry and relevant parties.
  • Coordinate, organize and participate in market promotional activities to promote and increase the use of Malaysian pepper in local and overseas markets
  • Participate in IPC meetings, ASEAN bilateral meetings, preparation of trade briefs and other matters pertaining to the pepper industry
  • Carry out and regulate statutory grading of pepper for export consignments and monitor and regulate pepper trade activities in the local market.

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Mdm Jenny George
Senior Director
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