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Quality Control branch under the Research and Development Quality Division of Malaysian Pepper Board offers laboratory analysis / testing for Malaysian pepper. MPB testing labs gained international recognition through the MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Ensure the quality and food security standards for pepper export at the international level are fulfilled.


  • ​Provide an immediate​, ​reliable ​and recognisable ​​tests, for the quality and safety parameters of pepper and related products, to industrial pepper/spices;
  • Work closely with the​ pepper​ industry to ​develope/impove value added pepper/spices products;
  • Transfer relevant knowledge ​and technical ​expertise ​​to the ​pepper/spices industry with the aim to assist the industry to be more competitive in the global market; and
  • Continuously improve technical services to pepper/spices industry.

Scope of analysis

  • Mechanical (Physical) – includes analysis of pepper samples for grading/monitoring purposes for Moisture Content, Extraneous Matter, Light Berries , Mouldy Berries  in Whole Black and Whole White Pepper; Black Berries  in Whole White Pepper and Particle Size of Ground Black and Ground White Pepper;
  • Microbiology – Analysis to determine the Micro-organism Content in pepper samples. These includes Aerobic Plate Count, Yeasts & Moulds Count, Total Coliforms and Patogenic Bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp;
  • Intrinsic Chemistry – Analysis for natural chemical content determination in pepper samples such as Piperine, Volatile Oil (VO), Non-Volatile Ether Extract (NVEE), Crude Fiber, Total Ash, Acid Insoluble Ash (AIA) and Aroma Profile in Pepper;
  • Extrinsic Chemistry – Analysis done to determine other chemical contaminants present in pepper samples such as Pesticides Residues, Elemental Analysis and Mycotoxin.

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